The 5 Best Wireless Security Cameras of 2018


When it comes to the safety of your family, home, and property in general, there is little that is more effective than home security cameras. Whether you wish to monitor the inside of your home, the outside, or the entire property. There are several excellent options for you to consider including outright security systems or stand-alone installations.

In our list we have highlighted only the very best wireless security cameras currently available for purchase from several renown brand names and manufacturers. Regardless if your are searching the market for a singular camera, or a complete home security system, we have got you covered with all of the most pertinent information available.

Let us take a closer look at the 5 top security cameras of 2018.

Netgear Arlo

The Netgear Arlo is manufactured by one of the most recognized names in electronics industry. This particular camera is one of the best selling products on the market with a middle of the road price range. Full functionality with Android and iOS devices as well as powerful yet easy to use software makes this camera on of the most excellent options on our list. That being said, this high resolution camera is made for indoor use only.

Main Features

  • Live HD streaming available with downloadable video recordings

  • Connectivity with a variety of smart devices and does not require batteries

  • Made for indoor use & controllable via Arlo app

  • Fully compatibility with Echo Show, Fire TV, and Amazon Alexa

  • Two-way microphone and speaker functions


  • One week free Cloud data storage

  • Made by a well-known brand

  • Excellent video resolutionw with motion detection and night vision

  • Easy to use and control with a painless installation process

  • Free Cloud storage plan


  • High-cost subscription plans

  • App access limited to one user

  • Limited to certain networks

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Connectivity to smart devices, advanced security options, and the ability to link to additional Nest devices such as smart thermostats and more are just a few of the key features of the the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera. This product is the next generation product line developed from the more than popular Nest Dropcam, one of the best ever selling security cameras.

Main Features

  • Live video streaming with motion detection notifications and night vision

  • User-friendly system controls and painless installation process

  • Fully integratable with a wide array of smart home systems and devices

  • Streamlined design with universal USB plug-in does not require a hub to operate

  • Magnetic base and plate for wall-mounting included


  • Integratable with other Nest products including smart home systems

  • Free trial for software including cloud storage and smart alerts

  • Excellent quality night vision ability assures 24 hour functionality

  • Excellent quality night vision ability assures 24 hour functionality

  • Simple set-up and an LED light lets you know your connected

  • Great video resolution


  • Generic quality speakers and microphones

  • Subscription required to gain full access to all available features

Belkin NetCam HD Wireless IP Camera

One of the least expensive products we have listed in our review, it is one of the best overall cameras available on the market for those who may be working with a tighter budget. The Belkin Netcam is fully compatible with most home security systems, It is microphone and speaker capable and features advanced night vision technology as well. If you are looking for an affordable product with all of the powerful features of an advanced security camera, this is your most reasonable option.

Main Features

  • Night vision function and motion detection notifications

  • Superior sound and high-quality video resolution

  • Functions over Wi-Fi networks on your preferred devices

  • Work with Android and iOS devices and links to additional WeMo products

  • Live video recording to practically any device with ability to store data via Cloud


  • Affordable cost

  • Quick and painless installation

  • Wide camera lense captures a greater area

  • Infrared night vision capability

  • Functions over Wi-Fi networks on your preferred devices


  • 720p streaming function is not as smooth as with other cameras

  • A second application is needed for controlling additional WeMo products

  • Limited compatibility with other home systems

Canary and Flex Security Unit

Perhaps the most impressive item on our list, the Canary and Flex Security Unit, is capable of acting as a full home security system. Full compatibility with Android and iOS devices allow for easy control of the entire system straight from your phone. A built-in speaker, completely customizable alarm, and features such as temperature and environmental sensors are examples of just some of the more advanced technology that comes with this product.

Main Features

  • Built for use both inside and outside the home and works with Android and iOS

  • Excellent quality video with wider than average range of view

  • Up-to-date and compact weatherproof design which is easily concealable

  • LED ring lets you know the system is armed and has auto arming and disarming

  • Motion detection equipped with alarm and sensors which trigger auto recording


  • Excellent array of advanced features

  • Low-cost options for storing video footage

  • Built for use both inside and outside the home

  • Option to connect with authorities in case of break-ins

  • Multiple Privacy options


  • Online user interface could be better

  • High-cost

  • Subscription required for storing data

D-Link DCS-263OL

The final option on our list of security cameras is the D-Link DCS-263OL. It is a mid-range priced camera with great video resolution, however, it is somewhat lacking in the advanced features department. There is no ability to share access or store data via Cloud unlike other popular security cameras have the option to do. That being said, this camera is still a convenient option for home security and is totally controllable by a powerful app.

Main Features

  • Friendly user options and easily accessible both online and through an app

  • Motion detection easy to use and LED lights to indicate the system is functioning

  • Full functionality with Android, iOS, and Windows phones

  • Easily stick against a structure or set up on flat surface

  • Sensitive high-quality sound-detection


  • High-quality sound and video

  • Excellent motion detection functions

  • Superior software

  • Functions across Android, iOS and Windows phones


  • No features for sharing

  • Not completely compatible with all web browsers

  • Offers only limited scheduling options

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Buyer’s Guide

Comparing features and benefits is vital to making the most informed decision possible when it comes to purchasing the right home security camera. With so many brands and manufacturers producing such a vast array of different products for the market, it can be tricky finding the best one for you and your family.

Our buyer’s guide covers all of the most pertinent information in order to aid you in selecting the most suitable product for you and your family’s unique needs. You can look over the descriptions, features, pros & cons, and comparison table listed in our review to compare the benefits and differences between security cameras.

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Motion Detection Capabilities

A prime feature for you to seriously consider when selecting a security camera or system for your home is motion detection. Many motion detection capable cameras allow you to connect to your smart devices for added convenience. Remain fully aware and even receive notifications about what is going on in and around your home day and night.

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Field of View

Field of view is another extremely important aspect to pay close attention to prior to purchasing a security camera for your home. Different cameras have different lenses and fields of view including wider angles and narrower angles. A camera with a wide angle is great for capturing a large area outside, while a narrow angled field of view is ideal for use inside the home. Some home systems will require both for optimal coverage.

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Sound Capability

Sound is not always an option with security cameras. The cameras which do come with sound usually work with speakers or microphones. Some are even programmed to start recording sound when motion is detected, others are equipped with voice recognition features. Depending if these are important options for you or not, you should pay careful attention to the features offered by the camera you are considering for purchase.

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The price range of home security cameras can vary greatly depending upon quality, the number of advanced features, and types of various technologies incorporated with each product. Depending on your budget, and your personal list of desired features, you should have no problem selecting a camera from out list.

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Device Capabilities

Many security cameras have the ability to be linked up with pre-existing home security systems. It is also important that you take into consideration the probability that you may buy new and additional devices in the future which can also be incorporated into some home security systems. Some cameras are able to be controlled by mobile apps and are supported by Android, iOS, and Windows. Which device capabilities are most important to you should drive your purchasing decision to its final destination.

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Resolution of the Picture

Resolution is the quality of picture and video that a particular camera is capable of. A high resolution rate will enable the viewer to see vivid imagery including in depth facial features and better details in general. A low resolution rate will result in less than clear details and possible even a fuzzy picture.

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Wireless or Not

Every product in this particular review happens to be wireless. There are several security cameras in the market however which are not, these models will include much more complicated installations including wires, brackets, and drilling. Do you have the time and skills necessary for installing a wired system? This is a serious matter to consider pre-purchase.

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Night Vision Capability

Night vision is an option that not all security cameras come with. Normally, such advanced features as night vision, infrared, and environmental sensors cause the price to become slightly higher than average. Is the higher cost worth it in your particular case? Do you need your camera to have the ability to see as well in the middle of the night as it does in the day? These are questions you need to consider when shopping for a security camera.

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Adjustable Angles

The security cameras on our list are both stationary and adjustable. Which of these types is best for you and the security of your home depends upon if you need a camera that moves or not. Some cameras can rotate and cover multiple angles on a schedule, while others are not able to move at all. Take into consider which is most reasonable for your personal home security needs.


Selecting the most suitable security camera for your home can be a tricky thing. With so many options, varied features, and popular brands, obtaining the highest amount of information is crucial to making the right purchase. Comparing current products with your own home security needs and personal desired list of features is absolutely necessary. Take the guesswork out this important decision by putting our buyer’s guide to work.