The 5 Best Keyless Door Locks of 2018


A life without the technological advancements of the digital era is almost impossible to conceive. So many great achievements have been made in the past few decades that day to day life is almost unrecognizable in comparison to 20 or 30 years ago.

Out of these advancements, the smart lock is one of the most beneficial to the current generation of homeowners. The ability to control the locking mechanisms of the doors on your home.

Locks without keys are a huge benefit, they are practically impenetrable to would-be intruders. With smart locks you have the ability to remotely control the accessibility of your house whether you are home or away by connecting your security system to your smartphone.

Let us compare five of the very best keyless locks currently available for purchase.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718

The Samsung SHS-P718 is the product of one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics in the world. A manufacturer with a long history of producing superior technology. Integration with Samsung smart home solutions systems is one of the most impressive features about Samsung smart locks. This means that you can access and control the entire home security system monitoring your home no matter where you happen to be. All of this is available to you through one convenient application.

Main Features

  • System recognizes up to 100 fingerprints and has three unlocking options

  • Superior quality from a brand trusted around the globe

  • Connects with other Samsung security products

  • Smart app monitors the security of your home

  • Sleek and compact design


  • Multiple family members and friends are able to access the system without complications

  • High-quality touchscreen operation

  • Smart locks fit right over existing door handles

  • Extremely linkable to other Samsung devices

  • Connects to app for easy control of entire system


  • Does not work with door knobs

  • Limited function with home systems other than Samsung

  • High-cost

SoHoMiLL YL99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock

The SoHoMiLL YL99 is by far the most inexpensive lock on our list. If you are shopping with a tight budget, this is the best lock for you. Receive the same peace of mind offered by more expensive locks for a much more affordable amount of money. This particular lock is lacking in many of the advanced features of others covered in this review, however, it will keep your home safe all the same. Control access to your home with up to 10 codes including a master code that overrides the others.

Main Features

  • Secure design that works well with any type of door

  • Easy to use with a no hassle installation process

  • Recognizes up to 10 codes

  • Auto-locking function

  • Extremely high-quality with durable metal construction


  • Master code can be used to set and reset up to nine additional codes

  • Doors automatically lock three seconds after entry

  • Works well on all doors

  • Inexpensive


  • Not equipped with smart technology

  • Less than a dozen access codes

  • Not Bluetooth compatible

Yale Key-Free Touchscreen Deadbolt

When it comes to keyless locks, it doesn’t get much better than this one. The Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt is loaded with a diverse range of smart features including keyless access codes and voice activation. It also comes with the highest price tag on our list, though it is no surprise because it is so rich with versatile options and added benefits compared to other locks of the same class. This lock is so impressive that it can command your coffee maker to start brewing the same moment you unlock your front door.

Main Features

  • Completely wireless design and painless installation process

  • Customizable privacy option with automatic lock feature after entry

  • Operates via touchscreen and recognizes 250 access codes

  • Indicator for low battery built-in

  • Bandwidth not required for connectivity

  • Connects to smart home systems and offers a wide array of settings


  • Functions with several high-end security systems including Honeywell and many others

  • Totally wireless security system

  • Impressive ability to recognize up to 250 access codes and has multiple access options

  • Works with multiple security systems


  • High-cost

  • Involves more than one app for optimal performance

August Smart Lock Pro

The fourth keyless lock on our list is the August Smart Lock Pro. This bad boy works across a broad array of operating systems and devices including Amazon Alexa, Android, and iOS. Bandwidth is not needed for connectivity with networks due to convenient Bluetooth connectivity. Control of your entire home security system is accessible through a single application as well. You can also fully command this lock with a voice recognition feature.

Main Features

  • Functionable with both Android and iOS & abilitiy to add additional users with ease

  • and is to add additional users with ease

  • Locks are located inside the home to keep would-be intruders outside in the cold

  • Powered by batteries and includes an Indicator for low batteries

  • Functions well with Apple products & has Bluetooth capability

  • Smart and appealing design and pain-free installation


  • Expandible with the purchase of additional products

  • Well rated by many prestigious publications including the Wall Street Journal

  • Multiple methods for unlocking

  • Works well with a wide variety of smart devices

  • Remotely control entire system through a single app


  • High-cost

  • Is not compatible with Windows phones

Kwikset Kevo (1st Gen)

The fifth and final lock on our list is the first generation Kwikset Kevo. Last but not least, this Bluetooth capable lock works with both Android and iOS which means it is able to connect with a vast array of smart devices. The Kwikset will connect with two main smart devices and even has a feature that allows you to reset locks if one of your main devices is lost or stolen. Another unique benefit for this particular lock is the eKeys feature which removes all the hassle out of assigning keys to babysitters, friends, family, and guests.

Main Features

  • Functions with a wide range of Android and iOS devices & is Bluetooth capable

  • Ability to Identity verification through a secure Radio Frequency

  • Connects with Amazon Alexa and many more state of the art smart home systems

  • Tracks user history and has a Lost or stolen device feature allows you to reset locks

  • Automatic unlock feature opens locks when your device comes in range


  • Create as many eKeys as desired & Manually unlock home with key fob or a range of smart devices

  • Up to two main smart devices recognized simultaneously as system controllers

  • Superior performance with a painless installation and calibration process

  • Compatible with Nest devices and supports both Android and iOS

  • Temperature control is available through coupling with smart thermostats


  • High-cost

  • Is not compatible with Windows phones

reviews buyer guide icon - The 5 Best Keyless Door Locks of 2018

Buyer’s Guide

Keyless entry is the wave of the future. Smart lock technology is systematically replacing the old fashioned lock and key method of securing doors. Several types of smart locks exist today, and new models are being created all of the time.

Today we are taking a closer look at one specific type of smart locking particular; the keyless lock. The keyless lock is a great additional safety feature to your home for many reasons including its high level of connectivity with devices.

In order to better aid you in the important decision of which smart lock is right for you and the safety of your loved ones, we have put together this buyer’s guide. In it you will find more features and benefits that smart locks offer.

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The Type of Smart Lock

Two main types of smart lock exist: lever-style and deadbolt locks. Between the two, lever-style takes a bit more patience to install. Deadbolts on the other hand can be easily installed on doors within a matter of minutes.

ico 2 - The 5 Best Keyless Door Locks of 2018

Key or Not

One of the main aspects to consider with smart locks is the actual method of unlocking available with each product. Some locks are 100% keyless, others still come with traditional metal keys. Perhaps the most common options are key fobs and digital access codes.

ico 3 - The 5 Best Keyless Door Locks of 2018


Perhaps the biggest factor to take into consideration when purchasing a smart lock is of course the actual price of the product you are thinking about buying. If you are a lover of advanced technologies as well as new gadgets and the smartest devices you might want to go ahead and invest in a more expensive smart lock. These locks will be compatible with most all of your future purchases. If you are simply wanting an updated and secure lock for your home, a less advanced smart lock will be more than enough for you to procure the safety of your family.

ico 4 - The 5 Best Keyless Door Locks of 2018

Home System Compatibility

Locks with compatibility to smart home technology are by far the most convenient smart locks available on the market today. They are also the most advanced, which means they are the most expensive as well. It is wise to consider the possibility of whether or not you may add a smart home system to your house in the future when you are in the process of making a purchasing decision today.

ico 5 - The 5 Best Keyless Door Locks of 2018

Type of Access

Multiple convenient access options are offered with most smart locks. Key fobs, old fashioned metal keys, fingerprint, voice recognition, digital access codes, eKeys, and radio frequency verification are some of the main options. Most locks come with more than one option. If you have a large family, or regular guests to your home, you will need to take this fact into consideration as you plan your purchase.


All of the keyless smart locks in our review are excellent choices for upgrading the accessibility to your home. You will not be disappointed with a single one of them. Make sure the doors to your house are fully protected by selecting one of the very best options currently available on the market. All of the locks in our guide are loaded with high-quality features and topnotch benefits sure to make your life safer and easier.

The performance of these smart locks are truly second to none. This guide was designed to aid you in making the security of your loved ones a main priority as well as making your purchasing decision the most informed as possible.