How to Install Wyze Smart Plugs

There is an exciting new device on the market that can make your life much easier by automating all of the tasks you hate doing. Let’s take a look at how you can install and use a Wyze Smart Plug to replace your current appliances so that you can have more time to focus on the important things in your life.


One of the major reasons why people dislike doing things manually is because it’s usually very uncomfortable. You’re likely to experience pain if the task is too complicated or if it requires too much effort. A Wyze Smart Plug is designed to be extremely comfortable and at the same time offer the best performance regardless of the situation or the person doing the task. It’s completely up to you whether you want a full hands-on experience or you’d rather have a pleasant robotic assistance.


When you try to simplify your life, there are always a few things that you need to leave behind. One of the things you’ll have to give up is the excessive amount of things you have in your life at the moment. A Wyze Smart Plug is designed to fit into your lifestyle by offering the ultimate in convenience and simplicity. It can connect to your WiFi network and start working as soon as you plug it in. If you want to use it on your day-to-day basis, then it’s best to get the original model as it doesn’t come with the Smart Plugs app which is needed to make the most of the device’s features.


It’s not only about functionality, style is important too. Many people like wearing clothing that compliments their environment or the task at hand. If you’ve ever tried to do something manually and had to struggle with finding the right clothes for the occasion, then you’ll surely appreciate the styling flexibility of a Wyze Smart Plug. It can be dressed up or down to fit your needs and your mood. The material used for the product is soft and silky which makes it feel great against the skin. Even the packaging is designed to look chic and put a smile on your face.


Smart Appliances can be difficult to setup and use without any security risks. This is mainly due to the fact that you’re giving the device access to your home network and the internet. A Wyze Smart Plug does everything remotely which means you don’t have to worry about security issues. It connects to your network using a secure connection and only allows authenticated users to access the device. You can monitor and manage all of the appliances from a single location which makes setup and use very convenient. You can rest assured that your personal information is being handled safely and securely.


You’ll be surprised at how many people are trying to save money whenever they can. It may seem difficult now but you’ll quickly learn to appreciate how much money you’ll save with a Wyze Smart Plug. You can automate a number of the things you do every day such as turning appliances on and off, monitoring temperature, and locking/unlocking the doors. You can also set timers so that your appliance can turn itself off if it gets left on accidentally which will further reduce your electricity bills. The best part is you don’t need to set anything up manually since all of this can be managed remotely using the free app. It really is a case of ‘turn it on, leave it, and forget about it.’

Peace Of Mind

There are always things in life that you just don’t want to worry about. You don’t need to with a Wyze Smart Plug. It’s designed to be a hands-off, worry-free device which means you can enjoy your time doing other things while everything is taken care of. You can leave work behind and just focus on living your life. This is one appliance you’ll want to have in your home just to reduce the stress of having to think about each task individually.

What Are The Differences Between The Models?

There are a variety of differences between the various models of the Wyze Smart Plug. One of the most noticeable differences is their appearance. The original model is completely black with yellow accents while the newer models boast a white plastic exterior which makes them look more refined. The shape and aesthetic of the devices are also completely different. The newer models have a sleeker and more streamlined design.


The original model does not come with many features but has the potential to grow with time. It only has one micro-USB port which does not allow for many customization options. The newer models utilize a full-size USB plug which allows for much more flexibility when it comes to connecting and using various peripherals (e.g. keyboard, mouse, and monitor). It also has a magnetic base which allows for more stability when plugged into a wall socket. The white models have a rubberized coating on the base to prevent any sliding or tipping when on the ground. Finally, the newer models have a more streamlined design which increases their elegance.

Operating System

The operating system of your computer will determine which apps are available for download. For best results it’s recommended to use Windows 10 or macOS.


The display of your device is very important and will directly impact how you use it. If you have anything less than a 16:9 aspect ratio then you’ll notice things are a little bit cramped when it comes to viewing content. You can download various apps which can tweak or display content in a variety of aspect ratios so you can best utilize your screen while maintaining a pleasant viewing experience. If you have a larger display then you can utilize the whole screen rather than be limited by the ratio which makes everything fit much better.


The size of your device will determine how much room you have for storage and how much you can fit in. The smaller the better since the fewer the limitations the better. The best part is you can remove entire sections of the device to make more room for things like tablets, laptops, and even cell phones. This really is an all-purpose appliance which makes it great for anyone who needs a designated space for various items.

Revenue Generating

You’ll have to decide whether you want to generate revenue or not from the device. There are a variety of ways you can make money from a home appliance such as a microwave or refrigerator which connects to your WiFi network and allows you to easily set up and manage sales via online marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay). If you’d rather not make money from the device then you can use it for the sole purpose of automating mundane tasks which reduces your stress and increases your overall quality of life.

To recap, here are some of the important features of the Wyze Smart Plug:

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