How to Build a Smart Kitchen

A kitchen is a place we all go to every day, and it’s an area of the home where we can spend plenty of time thinking, relaxing, and cooking. A lot of effort and planning goes into designing and building a kitchen, so it’s no wonder that there’s a growing trend of people customising their kitchen to match their style and their needs.

Whether you have a small space or a large one, a traditional or an modern design, if you are looking for ways to make your kitchen work harder and feel more like a retreat, keep reading.

Smart Appliances

The most efficient kitchens use smart appliances to make cooking easier and more fun. With the right appliances, you can pull your food preparation behind you — wherever you want. You can’t beat not having to walk to the fridge every time you need something. With a few smart appliances, you can achieve the perfect kitchen balance of peace and productivity.

If you have a dishwasher, you’ll never need to worry about washing the dishes by hand ever again. With an electric dishwasher, you can simply set the temperature and the time for the wash, and the appliance will do the rest. If you have a microwave, you can heat your food without any physical contact — perfect for those who are clumsy or have arthritis.

A food processor can chop, slice, and dicer your fruits and veggies to make them easier to digest. A food mill will help you make nut butter and nut flour effortlessly. The oven will stay at the right temperature automatically thanks to its built-in thermostat, so you can simply set the time and leave the kitchen, confident that your food will be ready when you return.


Isolation in the kitchen isn’t just for looks. It’s a practical solution to create a safe working space where you can work undisturbed by children or pets. You don’t have to have a lot of room to fit all the necessary appliances, but for the sake of convenience, you might want to put up some shelves and get the most out of your existing space.

A stand mixer will connect to the internet and order your food automatically according to what’s available. A food freezer will keep everything fresh and make cooking easy and fun. Putting up some shelves might also be a solution to keep your food organised so it’s easy to find what you need when you need it.

Work Surfaces

The ideal work surfaces for the kitchen are stainless steel or anodised aluminum. They stay cool under high temperatures and are easy to clean (because they’re metal). They’re not affected by extreme temperatures like plastic is, so your food will stay fresh longer.

The only downside to stainless steel or aluminum is that they’re not as pretty as granite or marble surfaces, so if you’re going for an elegant look, you might have to go for ceramic tile or concrete.


Lighting is important in the kitchen as it can accentuate a space and highlight features like granite surfaces and cabinets. The perfect kitchen has a mix of natural and artificial light — the kind that comes from above and below. You don’t need a lot of light, so use what’s available and don’t be afraid to put up some shelves for more storage space. If you have a window that looks out onto a beautiful garden, even better.

Kitchens with bright and open spaces are the best kind, as they allow you to cook and enjoy your meal without any barriers. Even when the sun isn’t shining, you can still work comfortably thanks to the overhead lights. You can use either natural or artificial light, depending on your needs — but keep in mind that too much artificial light can cause eyestrain so it’s best to avoid it.


The internet has changed the way we all interact, shop, and play. So it should come as no surprise that it’s also changed the way we cook. Modern kitchens come with all kinds of innovative technologies that make cooking easier and more enjoyable. You can check out the KitchenAid website to see all the technological advancements for yourself.

Remote controlled ovens and microwaves make it easy to cook without having to be in the same room as the appliance. Keeping an eye on the food as it cooks means you don’t need to spend as much time in the kitchen as usual, so you can get on with your life while your dinner is prepared. Apps for smartphones make it easy to keep track of what you need while you’re shopping for groceries — so you don’t need to spend as much time planning meals as you would otherwise.


If you want your kitchen to be stylish, go for brushed steel appliances and wooden floors. You can also include some lighting with dimmers so you can adjust the brightness according to your needs. A baroque oven will add a touch of class to your kitchen — as will a wine fridge or an outdoor grill.

A kitchen in good taste has all the necessary functions and amenities you could want or need. It’s a place to cook, eat, and entertain friends and family, so you should put all your energy into making it look as good as new.

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