Combat Holiday Hazards with Smart Home Tech

Home life in the 21st century is becoming more complex with the rise of smart home technology. Thanks to the likes of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana, the home is no longer restricted to living room furniture and dinner table gadgets. Thanks to the growth of the internet of things, smart devices, and voice assistants, the digital sphere now extends to every nook and cranny of our home, affecting our day-to-day life in many unexpected ways.

For consumers seeking peace and relaxation during the festive season, the idea of exchanging gifts, parties, and spending time with friends and family may feel like a distant dream. Restricted movement, social distancing, and time constraints make traditional holiday activities both risky and challenging. For those looking to combat the unique stresses of the holiday season, smart home tech offers some innovative solutions through voice control, video intercoms, and automated lighting. Combining smart home tech with the added flexibility of remote security and temperature controls makes it possible to truly enjoy the relaxed rhythms of the off-season while staying safe and comfortable in your home.

The Rise of Smart Home Technology

The internet of things (IoT) combined with the wide-reaching global penetration of smartphones has fundamentally altered the nature of home life as we know it. From fridge doors that buzz when they’re open to virtual assistants that can order takeaways and set alarm reminders, smart home tech makes our lives simpler and more convenient. However, it’s important to remember that this convenience comes at a price. The growth of IoT has largely been driven by the consumer demand for convenience and simplicity, leading to a flood of useless gadgets that constantly try to interact with us and each other via natural language voice commands and text messages. If you have a smart fridge, for example, you’ll need to constantly monitor the contents and be sure that you have enough ice-cream for the coming week. All of this extra work is in stark contrast to the relaxed experience of a traditional holiday.

Thanks to smart home technology, our home lives are now far more demanding than ever before. The number of devices constantly buzzing around us has increased exponentially, along with the amount of data they produce. The sheer volume of information makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of what’s going on around the house, let alone remain relaxed and unplugged during the off-season. The more we rely on technology and the internet for daily tasks, the more stressed and exhausted we feel whenever we’re away from our smartphones and tablets. According to neuroscience, multitasking makes us less attentive and more prone to errors, which inevitably leads to stress. Having too many responsibilities and demands without any discernible benefits simply because we can gives us the illusion of control, but ultimately it’s harming our well-being.

Simplifying Family Life During The Holiday Season

For some families, the holiday season is a time for relaxation and simplification. With social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions in place, the fewer people and gadgets in your home, the better. If your loved ones are visiting from out of town, it’s not essential that they feel comfortable staying in your home – especially if you’re feeling under the weather yourself. As a result, some family members may be spending more time in their own home, leading to an increase in the number of accidents and mishaps. A good example of this is the Amazon Alexa bug which, despite being fixed, continued to pose a stealth threat to security and privacy until recently. If you’re seeking to reduce complexity and enhance relaxation during the holidays, consider investing in a more reliable and safer version of Alexa.

How Smart Home Tech Can Help Combat Holiday Hazards

While the spread of the pandemic may have temporarily frozen our social life and travel plans, it has undoubtedly sped up the development of new technologies. The convergence of the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and big data have enabled innovators to reimagine how we will live and work in the post-pandemic world. Smart home tech may be the ultimate ‘bounce back’ solution for those struggling to rebuild their lives and careers during these challenging times.

Thanks to voice control, video intercoms, and automated lighting, smart home tech can combat a number of the unique stresses associated with the holiday season. Through a combination of smart devices and personal assistant apps, remote security and temperature controls ensure that your valuables, medications, and precious possessions are always safe and secure, while automated lighting controls give you the perfect excuse to binge-watch Netflix in the bathroom. If you’re seeking peace and relaxation during the festive season, smart home technology can help give you the best possible holiday experience without all the stress and anxiety of traveling or joining social gatherings. 

If you’re looking for ways to combat the unique stresses of the holiday season, consider investing in smart home tech. From automated assistants that can help organize your daily routine to security cameras that can monitor who comes to your door, the options are endless. When it comes to adding more value to your busy life, nobody does it better than the tech brands that designed their products with you in mind. With the added flexibility of remote security and control, the off-season is no longer a time of rest and relaxation but also a time when you can be more aware of your surroundings and ensure that your loved ones are protected and safe wherever they go.

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