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Stairlifts for the elderly and those with limited mobility are an excellent solution for removing architectural barriers in homes and apartment buildings.

One of the great advantages of stairlifts is that they can be installed on narrow and steep staircases. Once the seat, footrest, and armrests are folded, the stairlift takes up very little space on the stairs, allowing other people to use them without obstruction.

Moreover, the cost of purchasing a stairlift is relatively inexpensive compared to other mobility devices for transporting people with limited mobility.

TOP list of best stairlifts 2023

We offer stair chairs that can be installed on straight stairs (straight-line stair chairs) or curved stairs (curved stair lifts), both indoors and outdoors. Occasionally, we have attractive pricing on used self-propelled stairlift chairs.

1. Acorn Superglide stair chair

The Acorn Superglide Stair Chair is designed for straight stairs and can be installed on either the right or left side. We offer fast delivery times and installation for both indoor and outdoor use. This model comes with an impressive 3-year warranty.

Considered the best stair chair available, the Acorn Superglide has been a reliable choice for over a decade. We’ve installed thousands of units throughout the country. The Acorn Superglide Stair Chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Our flagship product is the Acorn Superglide Straight Stair Chair, which we offer on the American market with the best financing options. This chair elevator is supplied to us by Acorn, an English company that has been a world leader in the production of lifting equipment for the elderly and disabled for many years.

2. Otolift Modul AIR stair chair

This stair chair is a popular choice for transporting elderly and disabled individuals up and down curved stairs in the home. The Otolift Modul AIR model is a unique product in the European market and boasts several key features, including quiet operation, a variety of upholstery and running rail colors, and ease of use with high comfort.

The Otolift Modul AIR stair chair also offers additional options, allowing it to be installed on very steep or narrow stairs, enabling safe transportation for individuals with mobility difficulties. This high-quality stair chair comes with a 3-year warranty after installation.

Designed specifically for elderly or disabled individuals struggling with winding stairs, the Otolift AIR stair chair is the only device of its kind on the market and can be delivered within a short time frame of up to 3 weeks. Since each curved stair chair is manufactured for a specific staircase, it is crucial to consider delivery time, which can be especially important when funding from the National Rehabilitation Fund is involved.

3. Otolift TWO stair chair

A durable and versatile stair lift The Otolift TWO is a curved stair lift designed for spiral, interval, and multi-speed stairs. It is ideal for use in public places, such as blocks of flats. The Otolift TWO has the highest lifting capacity among stair lifts and a large power reserve.

We offer a unique curved rail stair lift on the Polish market from the Dutch company Otolift. This electric stair lift is an ideal solution for overcoming architectural barriers posed by curved or winding staircases in schools, clinics, or apartment buildings.

The Otolift TWO is a custom-made device designed specifically for a particular staircase. This requires specialized measurements of the staircase and preparation of a detailed design. The Otolift TWO is available in several standard colors for the running rail and can be supplied with a wider seat or a multi-point belt. It can also be equipped with an electronic access lock.

4. Acorn A180 stair chair

The Acorn A180 curved stair chair model is designed specifically for installation on curved, angled, or multi-level stairs. The running track is manufactured in a unique way, which allows for quick delivery and installation.

The Acorn A180 stair chair is a type of stair lift chair that is designed to transport individuals who have difficulty climbing stairs. This particular model is designed to be installed and used on non-straight stairs, such as curved, spiral, or multi-level stairs.

We invite you to read the information below about the Acorn A180 stair chair.

5. Cheap HomeGlide stair chair

The HomeGlide stair chair is an affordable device for those in need of a mobility aid. This stair chair is designed for straight stairs (one flight of stairs) and is available in an “Extra” version, where customers can choose the color of the upholstery or select from other useful options (such as a folding rail).

Additionally, an outdoor-resistant version of the HomeGlide chair elevator is available.

We invite you to read on for more information about the Cheap HomeGlide stair chair.

6. Bespoke Synergy Chair

The Synergy Stair Chair is designed to make your daily life easier. It is an easy-to-use stair elevator that can completely transform your daily life with its intuitive operation and comfortable ride. The Synergy stair chair has a specially designed shape to save maximum space on the stairs. The folding seat, armrests, and footrest make the device take up even less space when not in use. Furthermore, the choice of seat upholstery allows the unit’s appearance to match any interior design.

The Synergy stair chair comes standard with several features to make using the elevator easier. It also has several additional options to customize the device to your individual needs. As standard, the stair chair has an LED display for self-diagnosis of malfunctions, two remote controls, a rotating seat for easy dismounting from the chair at the top stop, as well as a lap belt to increase the user’s safety during the stair elevator ride.

The elevator has a folding seat, armrests, and footrest, which are very easy to fold/unfold and are done in a non-forceful manner. The unfolded Synergy chair also takes up little space on the stairs – it is 565 mm (from the back of the backrest to the edge of the chair’s footrest). There is still plenty of free space on the stairs!

The Synergy Stair Chair is available at a bespoke price, depending on the chosen options and configuration. Please contact us to get a personalized quote for your individual needs.

Stairlift chairs are the most important product group we offer. With several years of experience and thousands of completed stairlift projects, we can help you quickly and efficiently find the right solution to eliminate architectural barriers in your home. The stairlift chair is an ideal solution for people with mobility problems, including the elderly and those with physical disabilities. It is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to eliminate architectural barriers at home, in a block of flats’ stairwell, or in any other place where stairs impede free movement.

Elderly stair assist buying guide

What is a stair chair?

In general, it is a lifting device (also known as an elevator chair or stair elevator) designed to move elderly and mobility-impaired individuals up stairs. It has a permissible load capacity of approximately 120-130 kg (264-286 pounds), though there are also models with a capacity of up to 150 kg (330 pounds).

The seat is similar to that of a regular chair and is mounted on a carriage that contains the DC motor, mechanical transmission, and batteries. Typically, two 12V gel batteries with a capacity of 7Ah are used. The carriage travels on a rail attached to the staircase on the right or left side.

The stair chair is powered by a 24V DC electric motor that draws energy from the batteries. The motor drives a cogwheel gear, which provides the appropriate gear ratio and ensures the self-braking of the mechanism. The gear rotates to move the carriage and passenger along the cogwheel rail attached to the running rail.

The stairlift can be operated by a remote control or a switch (joystick) located on the device, usually on the armrest (on the right, left, or both). To increase passenger safety during the ride, the stairlift is equipped with seat belts (depending on the model, these may be “multi-point belts”) and a set of sensors that automatically stop the stairlift when encountering an obstacle to prevent collisions and increase comfort and safety.

Specific details of the stairlift may vary depending on the model. If you inform us of what is most important to you when purchasing a stairlift, we will certainly help you choose the best solution.

We invite you to watch a video demonstrating the operation of the Otolift Modul AIR curved stairlift, which is particularly suitable for stairs in private homes. Despite its suitability for private residences, this stairlift can also be installed in public places, such as schools, clinics, and hospitals, thanks to its electronic key and foldable compact design.

The stairlift features a folding seat, armrests, and a footrest, which takes up very little space on the stairs when not in use. This allows for normal use of the staircase by the rest of the household or users. The thickness of the stair chair, including the rail when folded, is about 30 cm. Even on narrow stairs with a width of approximately 80 cm, there is enough space left for free passage.

The running rail, on which the stairlift moves, is typically attached to the steps of the stairs and takes up about 20 cm. This reduces the width of the stairs by that amount after the installation of the chair lift. At the bottom, the rail extends in front of the first step for about 40-50 cm, and at the top, it extends beyond the edge of the platform for about 20-30 cm. The exact shape and size of the running rail depend on the model of the stairlift. See how the installation of the stairlift looks in practice.

Our company offers stairlifts with a soft start and stop system, making the start and stopping of the chair very smooth and not inconvenient for the passenger. The comfort of use is enhanced by a footrest and a rotating seat, which is usually used on the upper stop. This makes getting off and on the stairlift very convenient and, above all, safe.

An essential piece of information for anyone interested in purchasing a chair lift for transporting people who have difficulty climbing stairs is that the installation of this type of stairlift generally does not require any prior construction work.

Eliminate Barriers with a Stairlift

Stairlifts can be installed not only in private homes but also in public places such as schools, clinics, and service outlets. They can successfully fulfill their task of bridging architectural barriers in these settings.

Throughout the country, there are thousands of installations of this type of stairlift in clinics, rehabilitation centers, dental clinics, and stores. Thanks to features such as keyed access restriction and the ability to be mounted outside the building, stairlifts are doing a great job in public places.

Stairlifts for transporting people with physical disabilities have a slightly smaller range of use compared to stair platforms or vertical lifts because they cannot transport a person together with a wheelchair. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used by people who use wheelchairs. On the contrary, from experience, we know that disabled people – even those with paresis or amputated legs – often use stairlifts without any problem. In addition, we offer wall elevators for the disabled, which are a great complement to chair lifts. They allow for easy and safe transfer of a person in a wheelchair to a stairlift and vice versa.

Nevertheless, chairlifts are often the ideal solution for overcoming architectural barriers for the elderly or people with limited mobility. They have several advantages, including low cost, an elegant appearance that can be adapted to even the most exclusive rooms, and a small footprint required for installation.

Additionally, chairlifts have a quick turnaround time and low technical requirements for the installation site. We can install a large number of chairlifts (especially on a straight rail) in just a few days, based solely on photos of the staircase sent to us.

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