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More and more people are trying to protect their homes from illegal entry. If just a few years ago, metal doors with ingenious locking systems and bars on the windows served as the main ways to protect against thieves, today they have been replaced by high-tech alarm systems. With their help, you can not only prevent robbery, but in a timely manner to call special services, for example, firefighters in the event of a fire.

Modern systems are equipped with a large number of various sensors that will respond in the event of an emergency. They will send an appropriate signal to the owner of the property, as well as send a signal to the remote control of the relevant services. The choice of such products today is quite wide, so choosing the best model is not too easy. As you may have guessed, our today’s review is dedicated to the best alarms for this year’s home. Well, according to tradition, before proceeding with the analysis of the useful qualities of certain models, let’s pay attention to very important points that should be considered when choosing such products. This is where we’ll start.

What factors are considered when choosing an alarm system for a home?

In order to select the optimal system, it is necessary to determine the requirements that will be presented to it. Obviously, any burglar alarm must respond in real time to all emergency situations for which it is programmed. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately consider the location of the sensors, which, when triggered, will transmit a signal to the controller, from where it will later be distributed to security devices – a siren, light annunciators, a user’s smartphone and a security console. In the design of most of these devices, LED assemblies are increasingly used, equipped with speakers that allow you to frighten away an uninvited guest in a timely manner.

The alarm market is quite wide, but the model should be chosen in strict accordance with the guidance of specialists who have broad knowledge in the field of security. For many users, the presence of an image is important – for this, cameras are located at certain points. The area covered will directly affect the cost of the equipment. If you plan to install an alarm outside the premises, then it is important that the temperature range in which the model is able to work coincides with the latitudes in which the house is located.

The quality of the transmitted GSM signal is very important, because if it is weak, it will be transmitted with a delay or not reach the user at all. Consequently, the owner will not learn about the occurrence of a critical situation in a timely manner and will not be able to respond correctly.

There are alarms designed specifically for private households. Experts recommend installing such systems around the perimeter of the site, providing points in outbuildings and garages, as well as protecting doors and windows. For an individual structure, there are three classical systems – wireless, addressable and wired, it is also classical. One of the most economical products is the so-called “chants”, the main distinguishing feature of which will be a loud noise that attracts the attention of neighbors.

For a private house or cottage, it is not very suitable, but it will be very useful for an apartment. Thieves keep up with the times and are able to neutralize many sensors. To do this, it does not hurt to provide a temperature change sensor both up and down, and lowering ones should be installed in the area of windows, because it is through them that burglars in most cases penetrate.

When developing today’s ranking of the best home alarms and choosing the most suitable models for inclusion in the review, we relied on all these points, as well as taking into account user and professional reviews, as well as value for money, so that the devices were within the means of most of our readers. We hope that the amount of information collected will be enough for you to decide on the choice of equipment.

The best alarm models for this year’s home

10. Bradex Intruder Alarm TD 0215/YL-105 White

The kit of this device includes a signaling device, a base, two remote controls that allow you to control the structure remotely, as well as detailed Russified instructions for installing and using the equipment. The main element is the base, which has a rectangular shape with streamlined edges in front and a flat back. Overall dimensions are small – 122x85x45 mm. You can find several elements on it: an infrared receiver window, a scanner responsible for moving; LED indicators, and at the bottom is a siren. There is a hole on the back of the device that allows you to hang the structure on any vertical plane. This alarm can work without being connected to electricity – four batteries are enough for it. The base has a convenient swivel bracket, therefore, it can be placed so that the sensor covers all the necessary space. The radius of its action is 6 m.

The viewing angle of the equipment is 110 degrees, the working distance between the remote control and the base is 20 m. The alarm works quite noisily – it emits a sound volume of about 105 dB. The principle of operation of the equipment is quite simple – an infrared type sensor responds well to movement, after which an audible alert is triggered. No wires are provided here, which ensures excellent mobility of the product, respectively, if necessary, you can remove the device from one place and move it to another. Several such systems are often placed at one object at once, since they are completely autonomous and do not affect each other’s work at all.


  • Completely autonomous device that does not need to be connected to the mains;
  • Wide range of the sensor – as much as 6 meters;
  • Not too high equipment price;
  • Long service life;
  • Reliability and high quality workmanship;
  • Sufficiently loud siren;
  • The kit comes with two remote controls at once, which you can control the base from a distance of 20 meters.


  • There is no way to set up notification of various special services;
  • The GSM signal is also not provided here.

9. Atis Kit-GSM11

This kit is designed for several zones of work – 6 wireless and 4 wired. The central unit of the device is equipped with a GSM module, thanks to which you can make voice calls to 6 numbers and send short messages to three numbers. All this happens in the event of an alarm. This equipment should be programmed using the supplied key fob or a special application installed on a mobile phone. The unit has a built-in speaker and microphone, which provides voice communication, as well as the ability to listen to the room. Due to the large set of sensors and the presence of various kinds of additional equipment that comes with the alarm system, the equipment is literally “out of the box” ready to ensure the security of an apartment, private house, summer house or garage.

There are several operating modes, and each zone can be equipped with special sensors. The central base can be programmed for remote control. Wireless sensors are programmed in intelligent mode, and all of them are compatible with the international standard PT2262. Mobile communication can also be used to control the entire system. There is a built-in battery, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the product in case the power is turned off. The principle of operation is quite simple: when one of the sensors is triggered, the central unit starts serial dialing the numbers stored in the memory and playing back the pre-recorded text.


  • With the help of this system, it is possible to easily monitor the situation even at a fairly large object;
  • About 50 sensors can be connected to the alarm at the same time;
  • Quite affordable price with good quality equipment;
  • There can be up to 50 control fobs, which allows you to control not only apartments or houses, but also commercial or even industrial premises.


  • Some people may not find the functionality very convenient.

 8. Guardian Sensor GSM

The first domestic-made system in our review of the best home alarm systems. In its kit there are various sensors that allow you to control the opening of the door, movement in the room, as well as a number of other important indicators. You can use this equipment both inside the apartment or house, and outside it. The sensors are triggered with a minimum delay, and immediately after that the system will send an alarm signal both to the owner’s mobile phone and to the remote control of the security company or the police. In addition to a set of sensors, the system includes a central unit and a number of peripheral devices, the presence and features of which largely depend on the specifics of the room.

You can set up and synchronize the system both independently and with the help of a seller. The equipment is able not only to prevent illegal entry into the premises, but also to warn the user in case of fire or smoke, there are gas sensors that can report its leakage. The transfer of information is carried out by sending a short message to the user’s mobile phone or dialing by phone. The system has a built-in microphone, thanks to which you can always hear what exactly is happening in the room. This alarm does not require special maintenance, it can be installed on your own.


  • Installation takes a minimum amount of time and physical effort;
  • The central element is equipped with a built-in battery, which allows you to protect the premises even if the power is turned off;
  • Notification of an emergency occurs immediately to six telephone numbers;
  • Can be controlled remotely by sending short messages;
  • It is possible to listen to what is happening in the room where the alarm is installed.


  • According to experts, the alarm can be silenced by connecting it to a landline phone.

 7. Mega SX-300R Radio

This model is a compact system with a fairly wide range of features. It is produced by Microline, which is well known to domestic consumers as a manufacturer of high-quality security systems for apartments and cars. This complex is designed specifically for stationary objects, it is distinguished by a wide range of various characteristics. The device comes with a decent number of wireless sensors, there are several remote controls. The whole system is equipped with wireless power, if necessary, you can install all sorts of additional sensors. If you correctly configure the product, then with its help it will be possible to control various types of electrical appliances, as well as a number of executive products. The alarm system does not require wiring and specialized settings,

The principle of operation is approximately the same as that of other similar systems. When any of the security sensors is triggered, the alarm notifies the user about this and turns on the alarm, it can also dial and inform by sending short messages, there is also a sound and light alert. There are several control methods, so it is possible to achieve the most comfortable use of such equipment. There is a special application for a smartphone that provides quick control over the status of all equipment. The central unit is equipped with an external microphone. The battery has the function of recharging from the mains.


  • Possibility of work both from the accumulator, and from a network;
  • A lot of sensors are included, and it is also possible to connect additional ones;
  • It is allowed to control through a personal computer by installing special software;
  • It can work on objects of a certain size, that is, the system will not respond to pets, birds, and so on.


  • The sensors included in the kit do not always work reliably.

6. Sititek SHIELD TOUCH 2 GSM WiFi

The first system in our roundup of the best home alarms to be equipped with a Wi-Fi wireless module, which allows you to synchronize it with mobile devices running on iOS and Android platforms. It can be used to connect up to 20 outlets, making it suitable for remote automatic control of electrical appliances. The alarm system supports the operation of 99 sensors at the same time, therefore, it is suitable for sufficiently large areas. These sensors can be of various types – temperature, for the movement of various objects, for opening a door, smoke sensors, and so on. Audio communication here is two-way, which allows you to use the alarm to communicate with people in the room. The product comes with two wireless remote controls. She works from the network

The main unit is equipped with a slot for installing a SIM card, access to the Internet is provided, through which an alert will be made – either to the owner’s mobile phone or to a personal computer through software. The duration of alarm messages sent by phone calls is a maximum of 10 seconds, which is enough to describe the nature of the alarm. The alarm system can work with 8 security zones, which ensures optimal operation depending on the time of day.


  • It is possible to control electrical appliances;
  • Support for a wide variety of sensors;
  • Up to 8 phone numbers can be stored in memory for timely notification of an emergency situation;
  • A Wi-Fi module is provided.


  • Not very high capacity of the built-in battery.

5. Rexant Watchman GSM

The alarm system comes with a reed switch, a vibration occurrence sensor, an external antenna, and a power supply. An external antenna is a fairly convenient addition to this equipment, since there are cases when mobile communications are not picked up indoors, and its installation on the street allows you to quickly and easily solve this problem. It is possible to install and remove the system using short messages sent from a mobile phone, but it takes some time. The vibration sensor is characterized by a very high sensitivity, it has to be additionally reconfigured, otherwise there will be quite a lot of false positives. Notification by calling a mobile phone is made several times. If you do not pick up the phone, the alarm will return to normal operation by itself.

Sufficiently mobile equipment that does not need to lay a large number of wires. Sensors are connected through a special connector, if necessary, you can simply turn off some of them. The device is able to work normally in the temperature range from -15 to +55 degrees, so it can be installed in unheated rooms. It is desirable that where this alarm will be located, the cellular signal is as stable as possible. The motion sensor is not very sensitive – it will work on fairly large objects.


  • A large number of various functions;
  • Excellent equipment mobility;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Ease of installation and operation.


  • The need for a stable cellular signal;
  • Very high sensitivity of the vibration sensor.


This is a model with the function of adjusting the sensitivity of the operation, which is able to instantly notify the user of the penetration of intruders into the protected area. This alarm system is very reliable, capable of performing a decent number of functions, has a modern and stylish design. The body of the central unit is produced in two versions – black and white, so the user can choose the best product for himself, which will organically fit into the interior of the room – apartment or office. A rather informative liquid crystal display is also provided here, where all the data necessary for the user will be displayed.

The device supports up to 99 protected zones, the notification for each of them is addressable. Arming can be done according to a configurable schedule – it is possible to configure up to 4 operating modes. It is powered by an ordinary household electrical outlet. Up to 72 disarmings and over one hundred alarms can be stored in memory, where the time and disarming code will be indicated. There is a built-in battery that can work offline up to 10 hours. This alarm system can be used both in a private house and in a summer cottage, in an apartment, garage, office, in production, and so on. The operation is instantaneous, there is a listening microphone. The entire interface of the device is Russified.


  • For convenience of the user the liquid crystal display is provided;
  • Large coverage area – up to 99 wireless zones;
  • Instant response;
  • High quality of production: there are no backlashes, no extraneous squeaks;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Very convenient to set up and use.


  • The body is a little flimsy.

3. Ginzzu HS-K07W

In third place in our ranking of the best home alarms this year is this full-fledged home security system. At the heart of this complex is an IP camera that connects to the network using both a wired LAN connection and a wireless Wi-Fi module. Its main function is to monitor what is happening in the room. A wireless connection provides fast processing of the received alarm signal, after which the data is sent to a mobile device synchronized with this equipment. This allows you to notify the owner of the apartment in real time that an uninvited guest has entered his territory.

The signal is transmitted regardless of how far the user is from the camera. At the same time, it is equipped with infrared illumination, which allows you to perfectly see everything that happens in the room, even in complete darkness. The camera resolution is 1.3 megapixels, the frequency is 30 frames per second, thanks to these parameters it is possible to get the brightest picture in all details. If necessary, about 64 sensors throughout the house can be connected to this alarm. The signal that links the device to the sensors can be transmitted over a distance of up to one hundred meters. You can configure the device using a special mobile application or through the official website of the manufacturer – right in the browser. This work will not take long.


  • Pretty attractive appearance and high build quality;
  • Ease of setup and operation;
  • Long service life of the equipment;
  • It is possible to connect a large number of sensors.


  • A bit more expensive than other systems.

2. Xital GSM-4

In second place is a rather original system, with which you can create a variety of types of alarms and home control, do it both manually and automatically. A unique feature of such equipment is the presence of two slots for SIM cards: main and backup. If something happens to the first one (it becomes demagnetized or otherwise damaged), the design will automatically switch to another one. Another distinctive feature of the product is that this alarm system is equipped with a reliable system of protection against jamming of the mobile signal. The central unit has medium overall dimensions, placed in a plastic case, which is distinguished by excellent assembly. It is quite convenient to connect all loops and cables, in addition, the alarm system has a number of original solutions.

On one side there are 24 screw terminals for connecting to external sensors, microphones and so on. Each input has a ground connection capable of withstanding current resistance up to 3 kΩ. Such a design will work very effectively when using normally closed or open sensors, as well as for their combination. The last sensor has a resistor that allows you to calculate the presence of a deliberate cable break. An internal battery is not provided here, a special connector is provided for its connection. On the opposite side there is an RJ-11 connector that connects to a digital interface that can read data from Touch Memory keys (standard intercom tablets), as well as temperature sensors, an expansion unit.


  • Wide functionality;
  • The ability to use sensors of any type;
  • There are a large number of connectors for connecting external equipment.


  • There is no built-in battery, it will have to be connected externally.

1. Rexant GS-115 GSM

A recognized leader in its environment, for a fairly reasonable price, you can ensure a high degree of security of the protected object, receive up-to-date information in terms of its state in real time. Detectors placed indoors allow you to quickly determine the location of an intruder. Of course, a standard set is provided – notification by SMS or by calls. The device is capable of working with a wide range of sensors. In particular, it is possible to install temperature control sensors on the windows or in the back of the room, which will provide a high level of safety in terms of fire. If the power supply is turned off, the system will notify the user about it.

The possibility of selective protection, various kinds of timers are provided, with the help of which the entire system or part of it will be turned on or off. There are gas sensors here, in the event of leaks, they will cut off the gas supply and prevent a fire or explosion. Due to this system, you can simultaneously protect several rooms and houses at once. The battery is built-in, small in size, but quite powerful. The maximum number of control zones is 97, there is support for wireless sensors, so there is no need to run a lot of wires.


  • Wide coverage area;
  • Long service life;
  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Ease of use and setup.


  • Not detected.
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