The Best Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Today’s realities are such that everywhere there may be an excess of carbon monoxide levels. Almost all of us live as if on a powder keg, you don’t know where and when it can explode. The news is scary. To protect yourself as much as possible, to gain peace of mind, it is worth installing a gas leak detector. Our article will detail the ranking of the best gas leak detectors for 2022.

The principle of operation of sensors

The operation of gas alarms can be divided into two parts. The first is to fix the critical indicators of gas contamination in an apartment or other room. The sensitive elements with which the device is equipped are responsible for this task. It turns out that the sensor works like a device for taking in and passing air through itself. It becomes an analyzer of the air environment and, if an increased concentration of toxic substances is detected, to which the sensitive elements are oriented, then an alarm is triggered.

The second part is to inform the owner of the detection of a critical gas concentration. Some devices are equipped with special communication channels, for example, the owner of the premises receives an SMS on his phone.

What are carbon monoxide sensors?

Now the market sells different gas leak detectors, they are divided according to the principle of operation, the type of sensitive element and the type of gas detected (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and natural). According to the principle of operation, it means that there are wired devices that connect to a 220-volt network, and there are wireless devices. Their functioning depends on the battery, which is very convenient when the electricity is turned off in the house.

There are three types of sensing element: semiconductor, catalytic and infrared. The most inexpensive ones are with a semiconductor element, they are most often bought by ordinary property owners. Catalytic analyzers are used in large enterprises in industry, their action is based on the combustion of gas and its decomposition into carbon dioxide and water. Infrared devices pass the gas through their beams and determine the excess concentration with extreme accuracy.

Rating of the best gas leak detectors for 2022

Gas leak sensor Strazh Bradex

According to buyers, the budget sensor Bradex Strazh has proven itself well. The device is installed on any flat surface, close to the power source. Attaches with two screws. If desired, it can be connected to a fire or burglar alarm system. Production material – impact-resistant plastic. Size: 110 * 70 * 40 mm, weighs a little, only 240 grams. The device is triggered at a gas concentration of 10% LEL. The signal comes in the form of sound and is accompanied by flashing. There is a start button and two lights: green and red. The device is equipped with gratings on the sides for gas sensitivity. Bradex is an Israeli brand, but the production itself is in China.


  • Budget;
  • With alarm;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Easy to manage.


  • It didn’t work well for some people;
  • Pets may react negatively to the sound of the alarm.


The BASTION B40 DG wireless signaling device is very popular. It can be installed absolutely in any premises: at home, in a store, in an office, in warehouses, etc. The signal range is up to 100 meters. Inside the sensor is a special plate, which is called a catalyst. When gas enters it, the catalyst begins to heat up and the sensor is triggered. The alarm signal goes to the central unit, after which the siren turns on. Instrument dimensions: 115x70x40 mm. Externally BASTION B40 DG. Neat and looks compact. There is a built-in antenna.


  • Convenient and compact;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Wireless;
  • The siren turns on;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Does not require additional configuration.


  • Simple, no bonuses.

Kenar GD 100-CN

Another high-quality Russian-made device is called Kenar GD 100-CN. This device is designed for automatic continuous monitoring of the increase in gas concentration in the room. When the threshold values are exceeded, an alarm sounds. Shows the excess of carbon monoxide and methane, is used in rooms where gas burner equipment is installed. In addition to the sound alarm, a light indication is activated. The operation provides for a manual test mode. To do this, a special “TEST” button was made on the device, by clicking on it, a simulation of an increase in gas concentration will begin. In case of any malfunction, the yellow LED lights up on the signaling device and the buzzer sounds (half a second beep, 3 seconds pause). Dimensions: 135*82*41 mm.


  • Wide scope of application;
  • Sound and light indication when the permissible values are exceeded;
  • Possibility of control of the electromagnetic valve;
  • Threshold – 10% LEL / 85 PPM;
  • Power consumption no more than 3 W;
  • Autonomous control sensor.


  • There are complaints about low sensitivity.

Sapsan GL-100

If you are looking for a control sensor with a closing valve, then pay attention to the Sapsan GL-100. Detectors of this type are good not only because they give a signal as soon as the gas concentration exceeds the permissible one, but also automatically cover its flow. Such a sensor can be installed in any room where gas equipment is located. The Sapsan GL-100 will need to be attached in close proximity to the gas appliance. If there is a leak, the device goes into alarm mode, emits a loud squeak and gives a voltage of 12 V to the shut-off valve. As a result, the highway is blocked. Country of manufacture: China.


  • There is a red button for emergency gas shutoff;
  • Closing valve;
  • Suitable for any room;
  • Good reviews online;
  • Provides security.


  • Not detected.

Gas leak detector Rubetek KR-GD13

The rating of high-quality signaling devices includes the Rubetek KR-GD13 gas leak sensor. This wonderful modern device will inform you about a gas leak on your phone. The built-in siren also turns on, which will easily alarm the neighbors, thanks to a powerful warning system, gas leakage is prevented at an early stage. The volume of the siren reaches 85 dB, triggering occurs when the concentration of carbon monoxide reaches 10%. micro USB power supply. For full operation, you need a Rubetek device with the Smart Link function. In addition, you will need to install the company’s free application on your smartphone, thus establishing control over the sensor signal. Dimensions: 85x115x35mm. Simplicity in management will be clear even to a schoolboy. The sensing element works well and gives a sense of security.


  • There is informing on the phone;
  • There is a loud siren;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • High quality sensor.


  • The price may seem high.

ALFA 501

A gas leakage control device with an ALFA 501 gas shut-off valve is purchased for apartments and premises where gas stoves are present. Thanks to the control system, it will be possible to prevent gas tragedies. The method of action is simple, as soon as the sensor detects a problem, it transmits a pulse to the valve, and after the signal received, it automatically shuts off the gas. The valve can then be opened manually by lifting up the valve button. An audible signal also sounds. The main purpose of ALFA 501 is the control of natural gas and propane-butane. The range is up to 100 meters, the volume of the siren reaches 85 dB.


  • Reliable and safe;
  • Loud siren;
  • Valve that turns off the flow of gas;
  • Easy setup;
  • Affordable use without complications.


  • Not detected.


SEITRON RGDME5MP1 is considered one of the best signaling devices. Its purpose is to accurately and quickly determine the leakage of natural gas. As soon as an increased gas concentration is detected, an alarm signaling an explosive situation begins its operation. In addition to the alarm triggering, a signal is issued to start the operation of the supply and exhaust ventilation. Or, alternatively, a signal is triggered to activate the solenoid valve to stop gas delivery. You can install the alarm in the kitchen and other areas. The technical characteristics are on top, so the response threshold goes at 10%, the operating temperature is from 0 to + 40 ° C. There are indicator lights. Red means alarm, yellow means fault, and green means normal operation. The device is made in Italy. An additional bonus can be considered the presence of a self-diagnosis system that checks the performance of the sensitive element and the entire signaling device.


  • High Italian quality;
  • Availability of light indicators;
  • Self-diagnosis system;
  • Solenoid valve that stops the release of gas;
  • Signal to activate the hood.


  • The price may not be affordable for everyone.

Brennenstuhl BG2202

If you want to have a device with extended functionality, then pay attention to the Brennenstuhl BG2202. The design is made of plastic and metal, easy to attach and does not cause unnecessary questions. The device can be used for apartments, houses, cottages, offices and other premises. The package includes the sensor itself, an adapter, a pair of screws, a pair of debels and instructions for use. Dimensions: 45*185*170 mm, weighs 400 grams. The number and voltage of batteries is 220 V. Brennenstuhl BG2202 is mains powered, has a built-in signal and is easy to install. As soon as an increased concentration of gas is detected in the air, an alarm is activated with a volume of 85 dB.


  • High quality;
  • Convenient use;
  • Compactness;
  • Good signal.


  • High price.

One-component gas control system KRISTALL-1

Professionals advise installing a single-component gas control system CRYSTAL-1. The package includes a gas contamination sensor for methane SZTs-1, a connecting cable, an alarm valve, a shut-off electromagnetic valve KZEG-ND, a remote control panel is made on request. The system perfectly controls the gas content in the premises. If the permissible gas levels are exceeded, the system provides a powerful sound and light alarm, in addition, the pipeline with the gas supply is blocked. The causes of the accident are memorized by the device and displayed on the remote control panel. If you buy the same CRYSTAL system, but number 2, then an additional carbon monoxide alarm is included.


  • Advanced functionality;
  • High signal quality;
  • Availability of light signaling;
  • There is a shut-off valve;
  • There is a control panel.


  • Price.

Gas detector CEM GD-3300

According to many buyers, one of the best gas leak detectors is the CEM GD-3300 Gas Detector. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it responds perfectly to as many as 16 types of gas. The device is equipped with a semiconductor type sensor. As soon as an excess of gas in the air is detected, an audible and visual alarm is immediately triggered. The preparation time of the device for operation is 1 minute. Working temperature, °С from 0 to +50. Complete set: detector, 3 batteries type C, box case and instruction manual. Thanks to the flexible 360 mm probe, it is possible to find leaks in hard-to-reach places. The convenient rotary handle allows to vary sensitivity of the device. Continuous operation time is 8 hours, operating humidity is from 10 to 90%.


  • Detects 16 types of gas;
  • Work in labor-intensive places;
  • Autonomous battery supply;
  • The rotary knob adjusts the sensitivity.


  • Not detected.

Where to install in the apartment

Gas leak detectors are installed in the apartment at certain points, which depend on the type of gas being detected. So, if you have a natural gas detector, then it should be placed in the upper zone of the apartment, retreating about 30 cm from the ceiling. During distribution, carbon monoxide fills the entire room evenly, so it is convenient to place the sensor for its determination at the level of human growth, that is, about one and a half meters and above from the floor.

General recommendations for installing sensors include the following tips:

  • Signaling devices should be placed near gas equipment;
  • In no case should you install signaling devices in a place where there is no air circulation (dead zones, behind cabinets);
  • If there is ventilation nearby, then the sensors are not placed next to it;
  • Do not install near windows, above the stove, with heaters and where there are sources of fire.


Having chosen the right gas leak detector, remember that once a year you need an inspection from a special organization. This office should make a metrological verification of sensors. This is done to ensure safety, to make sure that the equipment is working and working properly. Keep an eye on the sensitive element, it has its own expiration date, which is indicated by the manufacturer, and when it runs out, a replacement is required. The gas leak detector must be kept clean and free from accumulation of dust, ash, soot and other debris. Gently go over with a damp cloth, avoiding damage.

A well-chosen and correctly installed sensor will provide you with peace of mind and remove anxiety. So, taking care of such a sensor is beneficial not only for security purposes, but also for peace of mind.

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